Sunday, January 1, 2012

resolution reality

let me just start by saying i'm not a resolution maker. it usually doesn't cross my mind to make them. but this year is different. i want to be more intentional with the things i do so i thought a good way to start doing that is to post my list on my blog to kinda hold me accountable. keep in mind there won't be anything on here like running a half marathon or anything crazy like that (although i commend you people that do) i'm keeping it as simple as i can.

i'm not the type of person that can read several books at a time. but i do have a few that i would like to conquer this year. my youngest son got a nook for christmas so i think i will be downloading a few of these pretty soon.

watch less t.v. let's be honest, after i have worked all day long at the busiest orthopedic clinic in the nation i just want to sit down at the end of the evening and not have to think about a thing! hello, my name is amanda and i'm addicted to all the real housewives of wherever (i mean does it matter, really?) and most reality t.v. okay, there i said it. i'll try and cut back on these. but i'm here to say this is going to be hard! but it's not just bravo that my t.v. is tuned into. here are some more shows i can't get enough of. and let me also say that i'll cut back during the week, but anything is game for the weekends :)

y'all this starts back monday night! maybe i can dvr it and hold out for the weekend!!

remember i mentioned that there would be no marathon running? but i do need to get back into my fitness. my office is so generous to give us a free membership to a gym in athens called the omni. i used to get up at 4:30 every morning to get there for spin class. but i was having to go to bed at 8 every night and never saw my family. reality check...that ain't gonna work. so i thought i would just start with walking our subdivision. we live in a pretty big neighborhood with lots of good hills. this might be something more my speed. and notice i said walk. when i run i'm pretty sure this happens.

maybe it would help if i ran like this
remember that episode??

i really want to get back into bible studies. my church does a very good job of offering several studies throughout the year a couple nights a week. with both boys involved in basketball  and a husband who's the head coach at our local high school, it's hard to do anything during the week other than homework, practices and games. this is one of the studies they are offering this winter and i'll be taking it even if i have to get it from our church once the study is over and do it by myself at home. love beth moore.

i want to do a better job at meal planning. pinterest has helped a lot with this but i want to plan my meals each sunday and go to the store so i don't have to go back everyday during the week. i despise that! here are some things i've tried and will be doing again.

family time and game time. i want to have more of this! our kids love to play games. my husband loves to play cards. not poker or blackjack but a good ol' fashion game of spades is fine with him. we taught our kids to play rummy and we've kept a running score sheet that we add to everytime we play. and this year for christmas they got a couple of good boardgames some of which we've played a few times

well, there you have it. this is a small list, i know, but it's something i feel is very doable for me. i look forward to seeing what 2012 has in store for me and my family. i hope everyone has a blessed year!


CathyB said...

Hey Amanda. I found your blog after Cathy S. commented on FB. We have lots in common! I'm from Barrow County (statham). I used to work at AOC... many years ago back when the transcription was in-house. In the ensuing years, I worked there part-time and p.r.n., until they decided to use the agency for all of it. That's pretty cool that they give you a gym membership. I'm a blogger too. I enjoyed reading your blog. I have several, but not nearly enough time to keep them going. I need to update my main one, CathyB, desperately, and hope to get a chance to do that today. Check it out here: ... but again, it has suffered much neglect since i started dating the man who is now my husband, a little over a year ago. I hope you'll stick with the blog thing. I absolutely fell in love with it a few years back and was faithful to keep it updated. And last, but certainly not least, I'm a Sister!! Happy Blogging!!! Say hello to Zina and Patti for me!

Amanda said...

cathy, i'm so glad you stopped by. what a small world. aoc is a great company to work for, you wouldn't believe how big it is now. we have 8 different satelite offices now. i'm looking forward to getting to know some people through this blog and keep a journal of some of the things that go on in our lives.