Thursday, January 12, 2012

Jesus calling for kids

we've been doing this devotion for about six months now. we use to do this one. but i decided to buy jesus calling for kids when i was at the women of faith conference this year in atlanta. we have our devotion time every morning with our boys before school starts.

everyone gets ready for school (or work) and then we all gather together and listen to kevin read what the devotion is for that morning. he reads the scriptures and then we talk to the boys about what the devotion meant for them.

now let's be really honest. some mornings when kevin asks the boys what it is they felt they took from the devotion...we get blank stares. and eli, our youngest will sometimes answer with the statement "God is always with us". that usually means he didn't hear one word of what kevin was saying.

i have to say, mornings like that are frustrating to say the least. but we keep doing them. every morning. we do them. because there will be a day when they are older and they are faced with tough decisions and that one time when they were listening is what will matter the most.

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