Wednesday, January 25, 2012

my new..ahem refinished dining room hutch!

remember in this post when i said i was refinishing an entertainment center to reuse in my dining room.


well, let me just tell you. i'm 99.9% finished and it looks fabulous!!

i used annie sloan's chalk paint for this project. and this stuff couldn't be easier to work with!! no sanding. no stripping. nothing. you just paint and distress to your liking. easy peasy.

the first coat i put on was called paris grey. now, mind you this was my first time using this paint so i may have put it on a little too thick...but oh well, live and learn. you see the paint thickens as it sits. so the best way, in my opinion, to work with it is to pour some in a small container and mix with a little water. helps the paint go farther...i think. and this stuff ain't cheap. but completely worth it!

the second coat i added was duck egg blue. i (heart) this color. it's the perfect shade of blue for me. not too bright and not too soft. once that dried i distressed it with a sanding block. that's it! i still need to put my clear wax on top to seal and protect it and a mirror is going to be cut for the inside to cover the big hole in the back (you can see where that goes in the picture below) but other than that, it's d.o.n.e!

i also added cute crystal knobs from hobby lobby...two bucks each. you can't beat that! anyway here she is in all her beauty!!

i'm in search of a buffet to go in my dining room now. can't wait to experiment with this paint again!
anything you've refinished that you want to share with me? i love getting ideas and inspiration!!

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