Wednesday, January 18, 2012

choosing to see

remember when i told you of a few books i wanted to read in 2012?? well, i just finished my first one and let me tell you, it's a must read!

mary beth chapman's book choosing to see is going to be by far one of my favorites of this year, i just know it!

now i'm sure you all know part of their story of how their youngest daughter maria was tragically killed when her 17 year old brother, will,  accidentally ran over her while pulling into their driveway one afternoon.

but what you don't know, i assume, is their love story. how they came from two different backgrounds and ended up with each other. how divorce shook their lives as a couple early on in their marriage and how they dealt with it. their struggles of just making it month to month. the plan that mary beth had drawn out in her mind of how her life would be and how God had a totally different plan.

 their story of having 3 biological children and having God place in the heart of their oldest daughter, emily, the need for the family to adopt. their story of praying together as a family for God's direction and guidance through each of their 3 adoptions. of how He moved mountains for them to bring each of their girls home from china.

and then their story of loss. a loss so deep, most of us couldn't even imagine. their little girl taken at the young age of 5. but how they chose and are still choosing to SEE. see God work in all areas of their lives. see how He was with them that day maria left her earthly home to go to her forever home. see how their friends and family gathered around them and prayed Scriptures over them in the darkest of nights when they couldn't sleep and just wanted to hear God's word for comfort. seeing God work in the lives of their son will, and his friends as they helped him carry such a heavy burden.

this is not an easy read. but it is so worth it. seeing a family come together in tragedy and turn to the only One who can give them peace. seeing relationships with friends grow stronger. seeing adoption grow in the hearts of people that surrounded them. this is truly amazing. and they give all the glory and honor to Him!

go here to purchase this book, you won't be sorry!

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