Saturday, June 9, 2012

life lately in pictures

we finished up our soccer season :)

kevin's dad actually dozed off during a game...the man can sleep anywhere!

eli graduated from fifth grade. no more kids in elementary school. yep...emotional wreck!

kevin had a basketball tournament for all of his wildcat alum. i think they all had a great time!

memorial day was full of cousins and friends. cooking out and homemade ice cream. but ethan accidentally dropped my camera so i only have a few pics. praise the lord for insurance!!!

this is a buffet we purchased awhile back off craigslist. of course it didn't look like this. it was stained a dark brown with brass knobs. but annie sloan's chalk paint and crystal knobs from hobby lobby can work miracles i tell you! so can these super cute lamps from hancock fabrics! and in case you're wondering, we're getting ready to paint our dining room. right now it's chocolate brown. but it will soon be desert castle...hence the sample above the trim.

our backyard is coming along. trees were cut down. new sod was laid. it feels so open now.

loving my covered porch. and see that blank space to the right of those windows....

well my aunt kathy has made the most fabulous sign for that space. it isn't quite completed (distressing and framing is next) but i couldn't wait to show you. it will definitely be my most favorite spot in this space...

just ordered this bedding for ethan's room. he'll be using kevin's childhood bed. can't wait to get started on his room!

and last but not least, i'm getting ready to start this study in a couple of weeks. kelly minter is such a relateable down to earth bible teacher. and i'm doing the study with some incredible girls, all eager to jump into God's word this summer and deepen our relationship with Him and with each other!

so there you have it....hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!

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