Thursday, May 24, 2012

letting go of anything to have everything

let me just start by saying i don't even know if this post will make sense. so continue to read, but know you were warned.

i've been wrecked by the words written by jennie allen in a book called anything. and yes, i know i hear people say things like this all the time and i think really?? you look pretty okay to me. but a few days ago this girl posted on her blog about this book and a giveaway for it...count me in! so i read her description of it and decided to sign right up to win! but something inside wouldn't let me wait til she posted a winner. so i quickly downloaded it onto my eli's nook and began to read.

"God, we will do anything. Anything,"
Anything is a prayer of surrender that will spark something. A prayer that will move us to stop chasing things that just make us feel happy and start living a life that matters. A life that is...
Surrendered. Reckless. Courageous.
If we truly know a God worth giving anything for, everything changes.
book description from amazon.

her words in this book hit a nerve with me ok, several nerves.

it is too easy in this country for blessings to become rights, for stuff and money to become what calls the shots in our lives. and before we know it, God's gifts have replaced God himself.

my questions come when i ask myself, if he ever told me to give up some of those things...
a nice car
a spacious home in a safe neighborhood
shopping at name brand stores
dining on occasion with friends
going on nice trips
would i, would i give up a comfortable life and do anything?

i want to live out the lyrics to this song. one of my most favorite songs. especially since colton dixon sang it on american idol. :)

i want Him to be my purpose. my Everything.

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