Monday, May 7, 2012

playing with fire

well, we're still working on our backyard. seems like it's a never ending process. but we're slllooooowwwllllyyy getting there.

we have a good sized backyard. not too big. not too small. it's a space where i can easily utilize every inch without it feeling overcrowded or too spread out.

 just like our home, our back porch, patio and yard are very open, which i love! nothing feels closed off and separated and there's such an easy flow from one area of our space to the next.

so far we've cut down four trees, added some azaleas and gardenias (which add the most wonderful fragrance as you enter our backyard) i've added some hanging baskets to our covered porch. and thrown in some cute accent pieces.  we've added some river rocks to a couple of beds right off the house and added pops of color with flower baskets and potted plants.

with it raining on and off, our sod (the next step in this design) has been put on hold. hopefully we'll be getting it later this week.

but even with the rain and the yard kinda at a stand still, it hasn't kept me from still finding that perfect design that fits what we're looking for.

our next idea is a firepit. this was kevin's idea. but of course, i was totally on board with it. and it wasn't long after the words came out of his mouth, that i logged into my pinterest account to immediately start locating the perfect one for us.

we want an area that will be perfect for hanging out with friends and family by the fire on cool spring and fall evenings but we also want a space that's kid friendly for the nights when we roast marshmallows and load up on s'mores!

needless to say i found thousands several pictures i loved. here are just a few...

love all of the nature surrounding this

built-in seating with great pillows

shade, benches and hanging lights!!!

so cozy yet so open!

great space for entertaining

love the flagstone!

so there are just a few of my ideas....i'll post pics of our whole process from start to finish once we're complete!!

hope you all have a great week!!!

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