Friday, June 15, 2012

porch party!!

i have shown you several pictures over the last several weeks of our porch.
but rhoda at southern hospitality is having a porch party...and i love a good party so i wanted to join right in!

let's look how far we've come...

not much to write home about huh?

the view from our porch wasn't much better either...

we had lots of work to do.
there was painting
cutting down some trees
getting rid of that play set
and taking down that trampoline this one isn't quite completed yet.

we still have some work to do but here's what's happened so far...

we painted the porch floor with porches and patio paint from sherwin williams.
we added some rocks and shrubs to the beds off the front.
i also added some hanging baskets. and the trees were cut down. sod laid and filled in with sand.

i got to put my cushions on my furniture out there because my porch had finally become a place i wanted to sit and relax!
and purchased this cute little garden stool!

here's another view of our yard...

and here's a wider shot of our porch...

and you see that space to the right of those windows? well, that space will soon hold this cute sign my aunt has made for me...
it isn't completely finished (distressing and framing is next) but isn't this perfect for that space?
i know, right!

well there it doesn't look like a lot but there has been many blood sweat and tears going into this yard!
hope you enjoyed my little tour!


Kim said...

beautiful! i want to sit there. :) and the sign is the perfect complement to the space. way to go!

amanda morris said...

Thanks Kim!