Saturday, March 3, 2012

i've got sunshine on a cloudy day

we had a bad set of storms come through georgia last night. this morning we woke up to our pool being filled to the rim with water. and it's still raining. there's nothing i love more than a wonderful outdoor space. but right ain't gonna find that here.

we (or should i say "i") have plans for our outdoor living space. i have had them for a while now. kevin even bought me some fabulous cushions last mother's day for our patio furniture that sits on our covered porch...
i've yet to use them!

the main reason for that, is this girl...
she's our jack russell something or another mix. sweetest thing when she's not digging holes in our yard, chewing up our pool pump wires, tracking mud onto the patio...cuz she loves to run in the rain, basically when she's just.standing.still. the end.

i love our patio...really i do. i just wish i got to use it. here's a wide shot of it. take notice of the furniture. you can practically see it begging for cushions!

look at those empty seats and lovely mud stains...who wouldn't want to sit and drink coffee out here...oh yeah, ME!!

i will say when we (and i mean me) thought about the design of this space, the first thing that came to mind was an outdoor bathroom. we have a pool and in the summer time when kids are splish splashing around, i don't want them trottin' through my house all drippy. so this was the perfect spot for one!

the bathroom is behind the door in the far corner, see...

and the door to the right of it is our pool storage room...
it's perfect for our pool floats and chemicals. and for our frig that holds all of our favorite summertime drinks!!

and beside these two doors, hangs this cute little sign...
i snagged this on clearance at PB several years ago. all of our towels, the boys' swimsuits, goggles, basically anything wet hangs here after a long day in the pool.

you might be thinking, well that's not so bad. so you have empty chairs and stains on your concrete floors. but brace yourselves and check out this view....
this ground is completely saturated at the moment. the remnents of what use to be a playset lay over to the side. and an ugly trampoline is right smack dab in the middle as a huge focal point. see told ya.

pretty hopeless one might think. but not me. remember i have plans. i can see the bigger picture.
 ok, this is not where i was going with this post but i literally had God just speak to me so i'm gonna keep typin'. 
 the devil likes to tell us that things can't change. that we can't change. but the truth is the only thing  that doesn't change is God.
He doesn't change. but He has the power to change...
and you know what He says. you might think things are hopeless...but not Me. remember I have plans. I can see the bigger picture.
thank you God for a bigger picture in my life. thank you for loving me enough not to leave me this way. thank you for the plans that you've made. thank you for change.

ok. sorry but i truly felt God wanting me to share that. even if it was in the middle of this post!

 now, i do still want to show you some things i've found that i hope to incorporate into our outdoor space.

that muddy concrete floor will be replaced with tile pretty similar to this...

below are some fabulous garden stools that will fit perfectly as end tables and extra seating when needed.

and i really want to fill our patio with wonderful greenery. i think it makes all the difference in a space.

as for my yard, we definitely want to put in a firepit where the trampoline sits.

and i want the natural spaces in my yard to look more like this....

and this...

these are just some of the ideas i have for our outdoor living space. you can check out my pinterest board dedicated to spaces as beautiful as these. remember spring is just around the corner!!! Yay!!!

hope you have a wonderful sunny weekend, wherever you are and no matter what it actually looks like outside!

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