Monday, March 19, 2012

gathering 'round the table

hey y'all! i thought it would be fun to post our menu for the week again! and along with the pictures of the foods i will be preparing, i wanted to share a beautiful tablescape to go with them.

it's very important for us to sit down as often as we can and eat our meals together as a family. we work hard at this. and when i say "hard" i mean sometimes it's eight o'clock before we can all gather around our table for dinner...but we make that effort.

kevin is a coach so most of his days are long. and both boys are in sports. eli is playing travel soccer and ethan is playing spring basketball. our weeknights are full. and when i'm looking at the upcoming week, there are only a couple of things i look for when planning our meals.

one. is it easy.
two. will we like it.

i have tried a few of my pins from pinterest. some have failed. some were hits.
i saw a comment from another blogger the other day that does a "taste tested" board to let you know she liked the meal. i really would like to implement that. right now, i'm doing good just to type on this blog and briefly browse through pinterest.

anyway here are our meals for the week. i will tell you that i fixed the first one last night and it was a huge success!! and easy peasy!! let me know if you try any of these or if you have tried them and i shouldn't waste my time!

now i will say, i didn't use cottage cheese i just used more sour cream in this. it was deeeelish!!

hope you all have a great week!!

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