Saturday, March 17, 2012

the luck of the irish

i think green is the best color in the rainbow. and it's no wonder it has a day all of it's own.
thought i would share some of my favorite greens from my favorite address.

i (heart) this look. and that dress would be an easy piece to use for fall and spring!

love a green field...this screams, "spring is here!!!"

avocados are my fav...this is the perfect summer salad!

you can't go wrong with this

love my toms...i would love them in this perfect green

open shelving and sage green cabinets. this is so bright and airy

perfect spring time family room

my favorite paint in my favorite color!
green shorts...a must have for my spring wardrobe!

and who could forget the most famous green of them all....
the emerald city!!!

happy weekend and happy st. patrick's day!!!

(all the pics can be found here)

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