Sunday, February 5, 2012

touched by faith

in mark 5: 28-34 the woman's name is never mentioned. she was a sick woman. viewed as unclean by all jewish people. she had been bleeding for twelve years.  she wasn't welcomed in the temple. there was no hope. no cure. she had exhausted all financial means on every doctor imaginable. she was beyond broken.
she had  heard of a man they called the son of God. Jesus. He heals the sick. He was headed to the other side of the lake by boat.
a huge crowd gathered at the shore. surrounding Him. but if she could just make her way passed the people. if she could just get within arms length.
she crawled on the ground pushing through the masses. she got as close as she could.
she knew she didn't need Him to pray over her.
she knew He didn't have to lay His hands on her.
she knew she didn't even need to touch His flesh.
  and then she stretched her arm as far as it would reach. and with just the tip of her finger, she touched the hem of His robe.
she was healed instantly.
Jesus wanted everyone there to realize what had just happened. yes, there were hundreds of people there that day touching Him. but He had been touched by faith. and it was by faith in Him that this woman was healed.
she believed that Jesus was the son of God. she believed He had the power of God in Him. and if she could just draw closer to Jesus then in turn, God would draw closer to her and would heal her. and He did just that.

i don't want to get lost in the crowd. yes, i can open my bible on a daily basis. yes, i can surround myself with great friends and mentors of God. yes, i can touch all the things that encompass what it means to be a christian. but without faith, it isn't enough. because when the hard questions come. and they do come..

why, at times do i feel like  i've failed at being a good mother?
why do i still try to get my worth from the things of this world instead of what i know to be true?
why do we feel God telling us to give and give to others when we need to be saving for a rainy day?
why wasn't my mom healed from her cancer?

...all i have to rely on is my faith.
i know He has all the answers.
i know some of these questions won't be answered here on this earth.
i know that if i'm to receive His blessings. His healing. His power.
then i must get as close as i can and stretch out my arm and touch Jesus with faith.

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black tag diaries said...

thanks for posing this... it was just what i needed to read this morning... as i have so many similar questions so many days. thanks for sharing amanda.