Sunday, February 19, 2012

spring cleaning in my home and in my heart

this weekend was wonderful. it was filled with absolutely nothing. like i said, wonderful.
we don't get very many weekends like these. so i wanted to relish in the fact that i was staying home on a saturday and my schedule had not one thing written on it that i had to get done.
 i'm a very organized person.
 and i love nothing more than a clean home.
so i felt this would be the perfect opportunity to do a little spring cleaning.
even though our calendar says february , i feel spring is knocking at my door. in more ways than one.

our bed was stripped. the mattress was vacuumed. sheets were cleaned. baseboards and furniture dusted.

the glass around our shower was cleaned, inside and out. tub and toilet scrubbed. floors vacuumed and mopped...

countertops, cabinets and sinks were wiped down.

i will say i'm very lucky in the fact that my closet will hold all of my clothes. i don't have to worry about changing them out each season. but it still needs to be purged from time to time.

clothes were refolded and the ones that were halfway off hangers were put back in their proper places.

bookcases were thoroughly dusted....

...and the insides were organized.

it feels so good to have everything in my home cleaned. i love going from room to room seeing that evey item is put in its proper place.

and just like the spring cleaning that i do in my home, i feel there's a similar cleaning i need for God to do in my heart.
my closets, bookcases and dresser drawers get cleaned of all the unwanted items i have in them. and sometimes i forget i have a lot of unwanted items in my heart as well. sometimes i don't even realize they are there. until something is said or done and it triggers those items to hang front and center in my life....
so i'm really working hard on letting God clean out my heart. and just as i fill my closets and dressers back up with some things i love, God will do the same. but this time He will take the negative items that were taking up such precious and valuble space inside me and replace them with His love. His grace. His mercy. because i truly believe that everything good that is within us all comes only from Him.

so i'm breathing in real deep to smell that fresh clean spring air (with just a hint of clorox bleach) and i'm allowing God to get His rubber gloves and dust rags and mop buckets so that He can do what He needs to do in order to get this job done. and i know it won't be done in one saturday afternoon or even in this lifetime but it will all be worth it.

The LORD will indeed give what is good, and our land will yield its harvest. Psalm 85:12

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Kim said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog to say hello. :) I liked this post. Sometimes we focus so much on the outside cleaning that we forget that the inside is what really matters. I'll be glad to follow your journey now, too. :)