Monday, April 9, 2012

slowing down...somewhat.

hope everyone had a wonderful easter weekend. i know we sure did!!
we spent saturday at eli's soccer game. sunday with our church family and sunday afternoon and evening with our immediate families.

just to fill you in a little on what's been going on these last weeks. eli had his acting debut in the play "oklahoma" with one of our local high schools. we went every night. ahem...kevin went every night (remember i went to girl's night live one of the nights) God love him for going!! the play was wonderful. the high school did such a great job and the kids were fantastic...i really can't wait til the next one!!


girl's night live was unbelievable. mandesa, laura story and anita renfroe...all so different but such amazing godly women. and i was there with some of my favorite people to boot!!

we've started working on our backyard.
remember when our patio looked like this...

well, we're not finished yet but right now it looks like this...
now this is a place i want to sit on weekend mornings and drink my coffee!

we've worked tirelessly on our yard. every spare minute we get is used to get little projects done. but we still have a looooonnngggg way to go!

last week was filled with the usual soccer and basketball practices.

and then good friday came. our weekend slowed down. thankfully. this past weekend was one of the best ever.

we had a some special people spend easter at church with us. a few of kevin's basketball players came with us. and juan, a guy that's been painting with kevin on and off for the last year, joined us as well.

i wish you all could have been there this past sunday for our easter experience. i can't even put into words how i felt during this service. truly the best easter ever.

when we left church, we headed to my aunt's house in hartwell, georgia for easter lunch with my family.
we sat outside the entire day!! it was perfection. i love my family gatherings. we all sit together. a t.v. is never turned on. and we hear story after story of my dad and his siblings growing up. and then my grandmother denies everything that is said.  it is truly some of my most favorite memories.

my sweet niece, bailey anna, hunting eggs.

they found eggs in the tree!

time to eat the candy! notice ethan asleep in the background!

sweetest 13 year old ever!

sweetest face ever!!

kevin letting bailey anna play angry birds while avery kayt watches

after spending time with my family, it was off to spend so time with kevin's mom and dad, sister and her family.

these kids love each other....i mean L.O.V.E!!

kevin's mom decided this year she would have a scavenger egg hunt. each kid had a certain color of egg. and inside each egg was a clue leading them to their next egg. they had a ball!

carly hunting her eggs..

calleigh reading her clue...

our lily and brody (kevin's mom and dad's shih tzu) taking a break after chasing each other in the yard.

yes. this has been our last couple of weeks. we are slowing down some. we only have one soccer game this weekend. and come friday at one o'clock, i'll be off of work for a whole week!! yippppeeee!

our spring break is next week. i'm taking off to spend some time with the boys and get a little more yard work accomplished. kevin will have some golf tournaments at the beginning of the week, and then he'll break to spend some time with us too!

hope you all had a wonderful weekend and got to celebrate the resurrection of our savior with the ones you love most...i know i did!!

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