Friday, July 27, 2012

let the games begin

do you get as excited as i do about summer olympics???

the diving. the gymnastics. the beach volleyball. the synchronized swimming. and yes my friends and i did practice this event growing up. it's a lot harder than it looks folks.

i will be glued to my t.v. starting tonight. sweet jesus thank you for not pushing me to start with media month. amen.

but this summer games is different. i will be keeping my eye on one particular person this year.
john orozco.
have you heard of him?

he's a native from the bronx. he started his gymnastics career at age 8. but being from a low income family just struggling to make ends meet, he sometimes used the streets to train. using light poles to do pull-ups.

he received his first gymnastics medal at age 9. but he didn't keep that medal for long. he noticed another little boy crying from being teased for a bad performance and quickly handed the medal over to him, saying, one day you'll be better than i am, don't cry.  oh, there are no words. 

he got teased by all the other kids in his neighborhood. in the bronx, the cool thing was playing basketball or baseball, definitely not being a gymnast. but this was his dream and now it is his reality.

 his mother, who didn't just take him to every practice and drop him off, but stayed there with him to make sure he worked hard, says this:
"The person that he is, the heart that he has, the dreams that he has, he's a gold winner already so anything on top of that is just gravy," she says.
don't you just love that?

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